The practice aims to identify and provide additional support for carers where possible. If you, without payment, provide help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without your help, please inform the receptionist/nurse/GP. The criteria do vary; the person you care for may need your help and support due to age, physical or mental illness, addition or disability.

Adult Carers

Your Rights As A Carer

Being a Carer

When you become a Carer or your caring situation changes, you may find that your life changes in all sorts of ways. It could affect your work, social and home life and finances.

What are my rights as a carer?

The most important right you have as a Carer is to be listened to and to have your views taken into account.

This means:

  • you should be involved in planning the services that could be provided for the person you care for; and
  • you should be asked if you are able and willing to provide care for that person.

If you are providing substantial and regular care you are entitled to a carer’s assessment.

Carer Assessment

The Carer Assessment will look at:

  • how the caring role affects your life; and
  • what support you need as a carer.

Speak to your Coordinator for Carers for further details or your local Social Work Services listed in Section 6 (Useful Contacts).

Carers Register

Many GP surgeries have set up a Carers Register to enable carers to access further support. Please contact your GP surgery for flu vaccinations, health checks and further information.

What practical help is there for me?

1. Carers Organisations

There are various organisations which can offer:

  • information
  • support
  • contact with other carers

They can also direct you to relevant training courses which cover different issues around caring.

2. Getting a break

Breaks from caring are often referred to as respite. They may last a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks. Some of the different ways you can receive a break from caring are described below:

  • Home Based Services involve someone coming out to your home to support the person you care for.
  • Day Care Services may be available at Day Centres or Day Hospitals depending on a person’s illness or disability.
  • Residential/Nursing Care can take the form of the person you care for going into a care home while you have a longer break.

Other types of breaks can be organised through your local Social Work office. As with the other services mentioned in this folder there may be costs involved in using “respite services”.

What if I need someone to talk to?

As well as practical support you may find that you need to be able to talk to someone about how you feel. Support is available from your local carer’s organisation.

Click here to download our Parents and Carers Leaflet (PDF, 125KB)

Carers Together offers a change to socialise and share your caring expertise with other carers.
Visit their website for more infomation

Young Carers

Supporting Young Carers

Who are young carers?

Young Carers are children and young people under 18 years of age who provide care, assistance or support to another family member. They may carry out significant or substantial caring tasks, often on a regular basis. The person receiving care can be a parent, sibling, grandparent or other relative who is disabled, has a long term illness, mental ill health or a drug or alcohol dependency.

The impact of caring on the lives of young carers is often significant and can affect their education, social development and may also impact on their own health.

Young Carers Projects in Lanarkshire offer a wide range of services to support young carers and their families. For further information contact:

  • North Lanarkshire
    Action for Children, North Lanarkshire Young Carers Project
    Town Hall Business Centre
    1-11 High Road, Motherwell, ML1 3HU
    Telephone: 01698 258801

  • South Lanarkshire
    South Lanarkshire Young Carers Service
    4th Floor Brandon Gate
    1 Leechlee Road, Hamilton, ML3 0XB
    Telephone: 01698 455455/01698 455529/01698 453310

  • Barbara McAulay, Coordinator for Young Carers Health
    South Lanarkshire Carers Network, Voluntary Sector Support Centre
    155 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton, ML3 6LQ
    Telephone: 01698 285163

Click here for Young Carers information

Click here for more information on the North Lanarkshire Young Carers Service

Click here for the NLC Young Carers Project Referral Form

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Local Services, Let Bonnar & Co